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Low ph in shrimp tank

Hi there
Iíve had my tank set up with fluval stratum, drift wood and plants for 6 months now. I was using tap water and had my ph at 6.3 Kh 0.5 gh 5. Iíve recently switched to ro water using gh only to reconstitute to the same tds I have in my tank. I also bought a more expensive pen to monitor parameters. (All calibrated) now I have a range of ph results to choose from
Old pen 6
New pen 5.8
API test 6 ish... definitely a bit of green in there, if I add acid is goes much more yellow.
I have about 60 shrimp in there. The CRS seem to be breeding fine , but the numbers of my RCS seem to be dropping.
Iím assuming my ph is to low for the RCS to thrive. And in what Iíve read the CRS can only tolerate a pH down to 6.2
Iím now concerned that having no kH in there is allowing bigger ph swings. I was considering using some kH in my reconstituted water to try and have more buffering. Or should I remove my driftwood?
Confused about whether to just leave it be or to change something.
Louise 😐
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