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Originally Posted by gjcarew View Post
This was my weekly dosing for about 8 months. I mixed everything in an old Easy Green bottle and dosed 4x per week:

6 ppm NO3
2.8 ppm PO4
20.8 ppm K
.16 ppm Fe
1.6 ppm Mg

So leaner on N but higher PO4 and K. It worked pretty well when supplemented with Osmocote root tabs, but as soon as the root tabs started to run low you could see deficiencies in the plants. I was using the Seachem fert plan for a few months like two years ago, but I just got sick of having to measure out 6 different liquids every day.

I pretty much doubled the lean dosing since then. Plants are growing bigger and faster, plus I don't have to worry about root tabs. I'm using more fertilizers, but I've still only had to buy the dry ferts once in my life. It also allows me to dose macros once per week which is just easier. The downside is the plants are growing bigger and faster so there's more trimming maintenance.

The whole concept of EI and "MEGADOSIIIIIIINNG" is very particular to American aquarists and this forum in particular. Most other aquatic horticulturists from Asia and Europe are using much leaner dosing, in line with what you do. If it's working for you, I don't see a reason to change.
If you go over to The 2HR Aquarist website these amounts are pretty much in line with those Dennis Wong recommends. He also mentions that nitrate levels >10 ppm makes one more prone to GDA and GSA.
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