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Originally Posted by ipkiss View Post
Oh! Seachem Iron, that’s gluconate, the one that breaks down daily. That may explain why your tests see nothing at the end of the day.

Yes, I, too am interested to know what would be the issue of overdosing that ?

There’s even mention here that it breaks down in “hours”.
Tom Barr says "DTPH last about 2-3 days in solution, ETDA, maybe a few hours, 1/2 day, the Fe Gluc maybe a few hours/minutes......." but what does that mean? Where does the iron go? It can be neither created nor destroyed, just changed form. So what does it mean that "it doesn't last"? Do the plants all use it or it converts to a form that can't be used?

Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Did you mention water changes?
You are testing so many things daily? It is not necessary, once a week max at the beginning. And only macros. With trace elements like Fe testing is kind of pointless. The element changes form and makes reliable testing impossible. You have new Flourite black sand porous clay. Clay substrates have some CEC ability. To better understand you can go here and read very well explained what trace elements do.
I will definitely reduce testing eventually. For right now I need to understand the nutrient cycle in the tank so I know how best to manage it.

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