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Can Seachem iron settle or otherwise go somewhere it can't be measured in the water?

Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Having a new setup for 5 weeks is not enough time to see what is working and what not. You will see changes in coming months. Aside from that, dosing daily 0.25 ppm Fe is a lot and it may start accumulating and cause problems later. The usual Fe dose is 0.05 ppm (0.01 0.10) a day.

Originally Posted by Greggz View Post
Hey Edward good to see chime in. And I agree, five weeks is not long enough to come to many conclusions.

And 7 ppm NO3 and 2.1 ppm PO4 weekly is not that light. I'm at 10 NO3 and 3.5 PO4 and folks think I dose EI. Fact is very few blindly follow EI, and most dial in what works best in their particular tank and mix of plants.

Also agree with Edward that 1.75 weekly is far more Fe than any tank I know needs. Doubt you need that much K either, but who knows?

I will say tank is looking good. Expect a few bumps and bruises along the but it's a great start.

Keep the updates coming I look forward to following along.
Thank you, thank you for bringing up Fe! I was going to start a whole thread on that. Hopefully I get some replies on this.

Yes I feel it is a lot of Fe. Here's the skinny. I test it every night and it shows 0ppm. I now have 5 different iron tests I am experimenting with including a Hanna HC (those little electronic color checker things you put the sample in) and they all confirm a 0ppm. I then dose Fe, re-test my water shortly after and sure enough, the tests then show iron in the water and very roughly around the ppm value I dosed. But then 24hrs later I measure 0 ppm iron again. I started with .1ppm daily doses and upped it a couple times to the now .25ppm. Each time I wanted to see if I would measure "leftover" iron the next day, and nope it's all gone after 24hrs. I've even checked in the middle of the day (~8 hours later) with lights on, and no iron detected.

My HUGE million dollar question is, is it possible for iron to build up in the tank in a manner that will not show up on the tests? For example, could it be settling somewhere or perhaps coating the filter plumbing? Can plants absorb too much of it?

I was assuming the plants are uptaking all that iron but in the back of my mind, worried it might be going somewhere else. You have just convinced me to pull back to .1ppm daily until I can be more certain about it.

Appreciate all the positive comments from everyone!!
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