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Getting PPS PRO to work

So as the title says I am struggling to dial in PPS PRO ferts in my tank. I started infusing pressurized Co2 about 4 months ago and decided to use this method of fertilization. I thought I finally found a sweet spot in the balance but a snail crawled out of my tank which prompted me to check my parameters and it was 0-0-40/80 (can’t tell the difference)

To note this was a week after the canister filter was cleaned (in tank water) and 2 days after a 50 percent water change. So I went to work researching and because my tap has about 15-20 nitrates I decided to remix my macros and take out the kno3 and replace it with a 50 percent increased dose of k2so4 to replace the K. I rechecked my and nitrates are coming down now.

So my current problem is my slower growing plants are developing holes in the leaves and I suspect a K deficiency. Java ferns, Buce, and a sword plant. How in the world do I add more potassium in this situation??? The stems look fine.

Tank is 44 gallons which I would consider heavily planted, PPS PRO 9ml macro and 4.5 micro daily, Co2 with drop checker lime green at end of day, I have a power head, surface skimmer and eheim 2217 canister. Not heavily stocked.

Any help appreciated
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