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Originally Posted by varanidguy View Post
What is your GH at? Have you tried feeding them mineral rich supplements? Are you saying in your post that you feed them once or twice per day or every one or two days?

I believe gh is 8 and kh 4 but Iíll double check tonight. I feed 1-2 times per day. Crab cuisine is mineral rich and designed for shell development so between that, weekly veggies (green beans) and the hard water I hope they are getting enough. My worry is they might be getting too much calcium/mineral (?)

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Originally Posted by Zoidburg View Post
"Ring of death" isn't guaranteed a death... it could be pre-molt.

What is the GH and KH of the tank?

I see a lot of protein foods but I don't see any vegetable or algae based foods. At minimum, I would recommend severely cutting back on the protein foods (as in, only feed once a week!) and provide a vegetable or algae based diet two times a week. Please be sure to read the ingredients! Many "algae" foods don't actually have algae in them until the 5th to 9th ingredient! You want that to be the primary ingredient.

If you have a heater, you could either turn it off or take it out.

If you aren't actively seeing deaths due to failed molts, it might not be that big of an issue.

Thanks for the reply.

Gh/kh 8/4

As far as the diet I have looked at what a lot of breeders are feeding as well as having read a university study on freshwater shrimp most target 50% protein in their foods and have lots of success with breeding. LRBretz for example only feeds tetra color tropical granules which is 47% protein from fish meal and has great success in breeding show winners. Iím no expert obviously but empirical evidence shows shrimp seem to get enough plant matter in their diet via algae and other in tank options. I do feed green beans once a week. They also have a large algae ball that took over some java moss they they are constantly sifting through.

I think at a minimum I need to keep up on top offs better. Hopefully since Iím not ďseeingĒ deaths they arenít happening. With so many shrimp it is hard to tell. The first one I saw a couple of months ago I noticed that shrimp otherwise swimming and feeding normally and then I didnít see him anymore. Maybe he died and maybe he did another molt and was fine. I donít know

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