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Failure to Molt

Hi there. I have a dwindling colony of cherry shrimp that don't seem to be able to shed and keep dying when doing so. Well, the adults do, anyway.

First off, the parameters:

Temp- 73°F
PH- 6.6 (I know this is low, but I'm terrified of changing it for fear of losing more shrimp)
KH- 4
GH- 5
TDS- 105 ppm (see above with PH)
Ammonia- 0 ppm
Nitrite- 0 ppm
Nitrate- 10 ppm

It's a planted tank with nothing but the shrimp. It's just that every day or so, I see a shrimp lying on the substrate twitching, and it dies. I rarely do water changes (I didn't even note down the last time I did one), and if I do top-offs I make sure the water parameters are an exact match (to the best of my ability). Then I drip the new water in instead over the course of a day. Basically, I try to make sure everything is as stable as it can be.

I just saw one of the adult females shedding today and it appeared to be a success, but the molt looked weird (kind of like a snake shed), and she was acting wobbly afterwards. I'm keeping an eye on her now.

But as the title and previous comments show, my TDS seems illogically low. Why would TDS be that low when GH and KH are at a good level? Could TDS even be the issue? How do I fix that without throwing off other tank parameters and risking putting the remaining shrimp into shock?
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