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Panacur-C vs Planaria Zero, the test

I've mentioned in my tank journal that both of my Dennerle Shrimp King tanks have been infected with white planarian worms. I ordered Planaria Zero since both it and No-Planaria are made from Betel nut extracts, and the latter product had a longer shipping date. As luck would have it, I had fenbendazole on hand form a prior outbreak years back and it was still in date, so I decided to use both products, one in each aquarium. I am also treating a 3rd tank with Planaria Zero, but it has inert substrate and so won't be part of any comparison I'm able to do between these two.

I am almost 24 hours into the first treatment. I fed shrimp first in hopes to get some idea of a head count as well as to coax a few flatworms out. Not many shrimp in either tank, I'd say a dozen each at best. And whether it's planaria or an unrelated reason, the shrimp in these two are really laying low lately. I've doubled the light on both of these tanks and perhaps that's a factor but I'm skeptical. At any rate, these tanks have living shrimp and 3 types of snails; trumpets, pond, and ramshorn.

The tanks:

The drugs:

I started with adding the Planaria-Zero to tank one. Snails reacted and retracted into their shells. The couple of planaria I saw began to go deep into the substrate. Seemed encouraging, so on to tank #2. Almost instantly upon adding the Panacur, I watched a planarian stretch then retract and distress and freeze on the front glass. To my surprise, it's still there today, though didn't budge after a light touch with a plastic straw. 96.6% sure this worm has died.
The planarian (even with my macro lens, couldn't focus on it):

Obviously, I can't say anything about how these two treatments compare on day one. I can say that the Panacur did seem to nuke the ones that were out in open water and the herbal extract made them flee into the substrate though. Snails are present and seem sluggish (no pun intended) in both tanks. If I had to say, they are moving more in tank #2 treated with Panacur. I haven't seen a trumpet snail out in either tank. Tank #2 also has no pods on the glass at all that I can see, tank #1 however, still does. In one hour, it will be time to repeat the dosage. I'll update if any major changes afterwards, as well as how both of these fare in the weeks/months after treating. Hopefully there will be something learned that can help us going forward. Thanks for reading.

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