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Vampire Crabs Died - Looking For Advice

Hi, everyone! I purchased 6 vampire crabs from a local pet shop, and they seemed to be doing just fine for about a week. However, they started dying all of a sudden. Within two days, they had all died. We did a lot of research and had a nice tank setup for them before we bought them, and honestly thought we had done everything right. The water we used was from an established tank, so it wasn't new tank syndrome. The tank itself is 10 gallons, and the pet store employee told us 6 would be a good number for the tank we have. We showed him pictures of it to make sure.

The tank has a filter meant for up to 10 gallons. We probably have a little over one gallon in the tank.
There is a heater in the water that heats to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
We have an aqueon fluorescent light full hood on the tank, and there is a floramax 17watt bulb in it since we have live plants.
They were fed algae pellets, fish flakes, and blood worms. We did research on what to feed them beforehand as well.

We are stumped and I feel absolutely awful. I was really excited to have them, and I'm so sad that this happened.

Some thoughts we had as to what it could have been, but ultimately have no idea:
-The light was too strong
-The humidity wasn't high enough
-The water we used from our established aquarium wasn't a good idea, and was bad for the crabs

Any advice/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
There are pictures posted of the tank. We took the driftwood out to soak some more, so the third picture is after the driftwood was removed.

Edit: we kept the light off after the first one died, just in case the light was the problem.
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