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Stocking 90 gallon

I upgraded from a 29 gallon to a 90 gallon with 20 gallon sump. It's a high tech planted tank.

I currently have:
-28 cardinal tetras (8 were in the 29gal, bought 20 more)
-2 ember tetras (were in the 29. Had more but they died)
-1 habrosus cory (again had more but died)
-bunch of cherry shrimp

I would definitely like to get:
-10-15 habrosus corys

I would also like to get, but not sure I it's too much.
-5-10 ember tetras
-pair of bristlenose plecos
-5 kuhli loaches but probably won't work with a sump
-a hillstream loach

Thoughts? Too many fish?
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