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Originally Posted by jeffkrol View Post
SBReef were "rumored" (only putting it that way because their website is sometimes lacking esp for FW lighting.) to use mixed optics..
90's around the perimeter and 120's around the middle on "some" diodes.
W/ these cheaper optics not sure there is much of a real difference between the 90's or 120's and frankly during assembly in China not sure they really care what they throw in.
Yeah, there's some that look to be wider, but the beam angle of the fixture itself seems to be less than what I could get with the lensless 120 angle diodes. Might just be in my mind though.

Having not messed with lenses before, I didn't realize how important they are for focusing the light and increasing par. This is the main reason I decided to check out a fixture that has been proven to grow nice plants. Just a learning experience to see what's out there.

As far as I can tell one of your previous posts on the SBreef light was correct, there's 3 types of lenses at least visually. One that has ridges which I assume is the 90 degree, one that's smooth which I assume is the 120 degree, and one on the violets that looks stippled.

If I had a par meter it would be interesting to see what kind of par my DIY builds would put out by simply adding different lenses to the diodes.
If I had to guess, just based on the plant reaction to the SBreef fixture at known par values, my DIY fixture was putting out between 60-80 par at 100% which is very likely due to the lack of lenses.
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