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Originally Posted by Blackdog79 View Post
I like the idea of using a temp comp valve, I could easily source one from work and may do so when I do the big tank (got a line on a 150 for a good price). Plumbing into the sump is a great idea for near zero input maintenance.

For my upstairs tanks where I have both tropical and coldwater I'm thinking of a hose bib fed by both hot and cold valves with a thermometer installed in the outlet to match tank temp. Along with a pump to start the suction for water changes, what is the venturi that you used to siphon? That may be easier and cheaper than an electric pump.

Gonna end up with two 55s, a 33 cube, 2 20 longs and a few 10s upstairs so I want an easy maintenance setup.

I will say your daughter should at least once enjoy the old way of doing water changes, it's a blast 🤣 that was the main reason I got rid of my 220 years ago.

The venturi attaches to a garden hose connection. The kit comes with a cheap plastic adapter to connect it to a bathroom sink. You will most likely find that you will want to replace the cheap plastic adapter with a brass one. The venturi isn't fancy but it does the job and is easy to use. If you have the enough elevation drop the venturi is much easier for us than messing with an electric pump.

I keep telling my daughter "In the good old days...." and for some reason she just seems to tune me out. LOL!

I replaced the faucet in our laundry room with this one because it has a garden hose thread for connecting up a hose. It might be easier for you than a garden hose bib and two separate valves.

If you go with a temperature controlled valve (I am very pleased with the one I bought) make sure you get the correct threaded fittings for the valve.

P.S. I made a "garden hose" out of 1/2" black corrugated pond tubing for aquarium maintenance. It is kink free and much lighter than a garden hose which makes it much easier to use:
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