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Hectorís ADA 60P AMANO Nature

Update on the ADA 60P Stand. So after a lot of research and looking everywhere for an ADA stand I ended up settling for this UNS Wood stand. I ended up finding it online PetZone they are a local LFS in San Diego about a 30min drive from my house. I didnít even know this store existed! Lol Nice find a lot of nice plants hard scape stones fish ext.. (Heaven)[emoji846]

I ended up paying $524 add tax $564 but I picked up a few pieces of manzanita wood that set me back to $594 exactly. California taxes are a joke!

Now letís talk about quality I brought it home unpacked it and everything is very high quality. Seems like they really take pride in the design and craftsmanship from the builder that actually builds these stands. In the box it does say they are made in Taiwan. Hand built stand wood looks very nice and the stand is almost perfect.. Upon inspection the interior on the stand on the top and front top panel seems liked they missed to stained it? Maybe in a hurry the builder of the stand did not notice? Maybe just accidentally on his part he missed it. Not sure how it got passed by QC not sure how strict they keep that..? I would think itís very tight inspection since you are paying a premium for this product. I could of got an ADA stand but couldnít find one. I did find the glass one and the 60P garden stand. I guess not a big deal for some people, but if you are paying premium I expect close to be perfect. I really do like the stand. I talk to Roger there at the LFS he was a real nice guy. Iím sure it would be no problem to exchange it. Reason for this I guess I want it to be perfect going to be displaying my ADA filter and equipment inside the stand pretty much aesthetics reasons.

Do I recommend this stand by UNS? Absolutely! Itís a beautiful stand no doubt! I just hope they keep a more tightly inspection on this product. Especially if they truly want to be the big dogs like ADA. I went to this LFS petzone they had a few UNS tanks in display very nice quality tanks. I would say very close to ADA by a hair.. Almost.. But ADA quality is insane the glass down to the silicon basically I would say perfect. (QUALITY)

Hereís a few pics of the interior outside the stand looks very nice. Pictures donít really do it justice especially the color of the grain. Also another thing there logo they suppose to put in the outside on the right side. They accidentally put the logo in the inside on the door in the right corner[emoji20]Itís all good but itís little things like that that really do make a huge difference in quality. Maybe I just have bad luck and got one that went through.. Unfortunately.


Pic the logo inside the stand door.. Wrong spot

Like I said in this post it really is a beautiful stand.. Just a few little things that did bother me. But not a deal breaker. This stand is a part of my house like a piece of furniture ART to look beautiful.

Moral of the story if youíre looking for the best of the best ADA still stands the test of time for quality and craftsmanship the king of aqua for a reason!

This is the true color of the stand. My pics looks dark but itís not. Beautiful design and I love the natural wood affect it brings. They also sell it in white and black. For those who mite be interested in purchasing one.

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