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Question Ferts stole my TDS !! - resolved as a kaput tds meter

low tech 30 liter shrimp tank, 1 large amazon sword, some anubis, java fern and then water lettuce and duckweed floating

today i added ferropol for the 1st time (other ferts are available etc) , i had seen some yellowing on the anubis so thought i should add some iron and it turned up yesterday.
Before water change the tank sat at tds 305, i used my usual 3:1 ro/tap mix though didnt measure it today it should run at around 220 tds, i added 1/2 mil or ferropol to this too as directed for water changes . I did not do an initial dosage of the tank, this 1/2 ml is all it has seen.

this evening, maybe 8 hours after the change i checked the tds again expecting to see a 25ish drop in tds, same as last weeks but no

the tank tds 8 hours after adding 2lt of 220ish water to 28lt of 300ish water was 150 , adding ferropol is the only change to routine and seem to have resulted in half my tds vanishing

where did it all my tds go? (not that i'm complaining, just a bit baffled...)

update: re-checked this morning 18 hours after the change and tds down to 130

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