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Getting back into it

Hi everyone. So I kept aquariums years ago, but got out of the hobby when I moved and moved again and again. Now I'm finally in a place where I know that I'm not going anywhere for a long time as I've bought my first house. I decided to get back into it, but I wanted to do it differently than I had before. I always had mostly fake plants aside from a few broad-leaf bulbs, and I always kept tiger and cherry barbs. This time I wanted to do a fully planted tank with corys and tetras. While I love barbs, and may start a second tank down the road for them, I just wanted something new to make my re-entry to the hobby seem fresh and exciting. I'm currently fish-less cycling a 20 gallon tall with dwarf hair grass and Amazon Swords. I tried hornwort, but found out the hard way that those are nasty and polluted my tank. Nitrites seems to be peaking and I should be fish ready in a week or two. I came across this forum many times during my research and decided to join because everyone seemed friendly and helpful. So wish me luck, and I'm sure I'll have questions.
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