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Alternanthera reineckii mini twisted growth

Hi everyone, first post here! I’ve been in fish keeping since I was a kid, but started dwelling into planted tanks (with soil and better lighting) for only a couple of years. I started a nano planted tank 5 weeks ago. It’s still cycling and everything seems to be going well apart my alternanthera mini that is growing well, but shows twisted growth in its leaves. My flora consists of easy to moderate demanding plants. I have monte carlo in the front, crypto tropica and pink flamingo, anubias nana, bucephalandra red and godzilla, purple amazon sword and myriophillum mattogrossense.

I was hoping someone could shed some light into the alternanthera twisted growth.

The tank it’s a fluval flex 15g, I have ADA Amazonia 2 as soil, it has stock lights + a nicrew classic led and now I also added 2 rgb led strips to the front. The lights are on for 6h and I am injecting CO2 starting 1 hour before lights are on and turning it off 1hour before they are off. While the lights are on the drop checker is green.
I have being adding tropica specialized nutrition 5ml per week and as of now doing WC of 50% every week.
My pH started at 6.6, but after adding CO2 it’s between 6.0 and 6.4 when drop checker is green.
Ammonia is 0
Nitrite is 0 (in the beginning of the week it was between 1 and 2ppm)
Nitrate is 5ppm
After reading a little in the forum I thought it could be calcium deficiency. I checked the calcium levels and it was 10ppm. I added CaCl that I had for my saltwater tank, increasing it to 40ppm 3 days ago, but I’m not sure that this is it. Did a gH test and the tank it’s 5, my tap water which I use for WC is around the same, 5 or 6dgH. I have some green dust algae growing now, but this growth problem started before this.
I appreciate any input!
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