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Originally Posted by burr740 View Post
Some valid advice above. However, hair/fuzz algae is typically too much Fe. Diatoms and green dust algae are the typical types you see go in phases of a new tank set up.

At some point you might try backing csmb down to .3 per week or so. And personally Id go with 3 ppm PO4 per week instead of 2. Is the soil new too, as in June? If so do 5 ppm po4/week for the next month or so. Fresh soil sucks up tons of PO4

Your plants look OK to me, which is a good sign. Keep everything super clean, 70% water changes instead of 50 wouldnt be a bad idea either

Thank you for your advice, Burr. I have read a lot of your posts over the years as you appear to have had a ton of success and I have always found it interesting that your troubleshooting typically involve nutrient titration. This seems to go against Tom Barr's EI theory at a superficial level but I think it probably doesn't truly because EI assumes high plant mass, which I do not have, correct? Regardless, I trust you as I've seen your success over the years so I will give this a try as well. My aquasoil was added probably around February, but I haven't started dosing ferts until last month. Would you try the Fe change first since my plants look healthy, or does too much P not usually cause algae issues?

Originally Posted by Ddrizzle View Post
High, healthy plant mass = no algae. You don't have this yet.

I have suspected this as being a large part of my problem, however what I can't figure out is how to get to the point of having high, healthy plant mass. I haven't ever considered going below a 6 hour photoperiod as you tend to see 6-10 hours quoted online, so maybe that will help... 2 hours at high intensity light or something.

Since you have the same light as me with approximately the same height, I would be interested to know your settings. Are you running it at 100% in all White/R/G/B?

Originally Posted by DaveKS View Post
Your plants couldn’t care less if they get 10hr @60% or 6hr @100%. A photon is a photon. Light energy is accumulative.

Slightly slower but still healthy growth IMHO is preferable, less times between pruning.

I see 6-10 hours cited frequently on this and other sites. How about 2 hours of high intensity light (~120-135 par), as suggested above? It's very interesting to me and I'd like to try that, unless others feel that would be starving my plants of light.

Thanks for all the help!
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