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Ok, one month in means that your algae issues are right on schedule! Don't get discouraged yet, because it's really, really normal to have algae problems at this point. Usually the diatoms/brown algae shows up first and then other forms have their moment in the sun. I found this video really helpful for giving me a framework to understand algae growth:

I have low tech Walstad-style tanks, but even though he's not talking about that system specifically, the bottom line is the same: get a mass of healthy plants growing, and your algae problems will resolve.

Right now you are figuring out your nutrient/light/CO2 balance (which I can't really help you with specifically, but other people will), but there's another factor to keep in mind: your plants are all new and converting from emersed to submersed growth. Getting through this process can be *rough* because it is stressful and slows your plants down and can cause a lot more melting or unhealthy plant tissue and these things are great for algae. The sooner you have all submersed growth, the happier you will be.

In the meantime, you might really consider getting a cleanup crew to help you out. Don't tie your hands behind your back because in theory you shouldn't need them, try to stack the deck in your favor!
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