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Check my pictures to confirm my tips

My tips:
1-dont let the airstone on during light period. While the plants are doing photosynthesis and acquiring CO2 from your system, they are already producing O2 for your tank. PLUS the airstone will make your CO2 evaporate and plants wont catch it.

2- lightning period of 6 hours for new tanks, 8 hours if required by plants and 12h in case of specific necessities of your tank.

3- try having plants like the floating ones and those which get their nutrients from water the column, this tactic will make the algae fight with these plants for nutrients and won't grow up

4- snails, shrimps, loaches, catfish will take of it, only in certain quantities cause you dont want to level up the nitrites and overstock.

5- liquid fertilizers + strong light + long light period = algae

6- NEVER FIGHT YOUR TANK (choose the right plants, right light time and spectrum, right dosage of anything...) that will create harmony in your system

First: Timer with airstone at night and Co2 + light at day.

Second: hygrophila (water nutrient catcher), snails, and duck weed (floating plant)

Third: anacharis (water nutrient catcher) and shrimps

Fourth: dojo loach and the airstone turned off during day time

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