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Originally Posted by Zoidburg View Post
Possible fishes could include kuhli loaches *or* pygmy cories... might be others. Not guaranteed they *wont* eat shrimp, but many people do keep both species with shrimp and have thriving colonies.

Might be a bit odd but I kind of think gammarus are cute! lol They're like underwater roly polies! Never dealt with them myself though... but I've seen them!
Yes, I don't mind their looks so much, as I can barely make out the features. I just want my shrimp and potential baby shrimp to be safe! I've been just catching the big ones put whenever possible, until I can decide what to do about them. I'm setting up another 10 gallon, so I will hold off on fish until that is ready for them long term.

Regarding the white worms, I used panacur, but they did not go away, so at this point I think they are detritus worms. As far as I know, they don't harm shrimp.

Sidenote: This was my first post on the forum and everyone's help has been MUCH appreciated!
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