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Beginner low tech planted tank!

Hey fellas,

Thought I would post my conversion of a Red Sea max 130 to a planted freshwater.

Had marine tanks all my life and even worked for an aquarium collector back in the day in my time off from work.

Fast forward few more years and now kids are interested in a tank.

So I jumped at it first chance and found a cheap Red Sea on gumtree.

And so the nightmare begins!!!

First up not much chop in the back and so many dramas with water levels and pumps blowing what appeared to be a snow globe into the tank.

So I made a media rack out of Perspex added 4 bags of sea hem matrix, heater, glued Polly pipe extensions on the pumps to prevent suckin water.

Then the light unit blew up so I had to gut the hood and installed a 60cm plant gero AquaOne light!

Cycled the tank for a month or so and have finally just started adding few things slowly over the last couple of months, thanks to mates and pruning their tanks.

Picking up a heap more Anubias and fern off a good mate tomorrow.

Wanting to add more shrimp at some stage.

Current fish are

6 black neon
3 serpae tetra
2 corydorus

Not dosing seachem yet, as want to try balance the bioload and mainly have water column feeder plants!



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