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Itís a daphnia

Originally Posted by Globia10 View Post
I have a blue velvet 10 gallon planted tank. I recently added some monte carlo and since then I've had pest snails and white worms on the glass. I thought they might be planaria, so I dosed Panacur, but they are still there.

Now I am also seeing these bigger (maybe 4 mm) grey/white things swimming around quickly. I assumed they are larger planaria, but I managed to catch one and it has legs and antenna, so now I am not sure. Could it be baby shrimp?
I recently had the same situation. Uggg. Use planeria zero and that will wipe out the planeria and hydra and other non desirables. I hate buying plants for that reason. If you donít bleach them first, you will get hit hikers. The thing in the bowl looks like a daphnia to me. I got one of those too. Freaked me out since it did not move like a shrimp. It is a crustacean so planeria zero will not get rid of that. If you donít like them....I doní need to catch them....sigh

Hope this helps.
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