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Twinstar Nano+ settings (can you set it too high?)

So I have a 90P (90x45x45) that I've started with very slow growing plants, busy, anubias, etc but also extremely high light. Figured I'd finally snag one of these to help my out. it says setting use 2 of 3 for a 60x45x45 to 90x45x45 tank, and setting 3 for 90x45x65 to 120x45x45 tanks. Does anyone know if its really more beneficial for me to use setting 2 rather than three or is I just a lifespan thing? Because if it would be more effective at setting 3 but the reactor wouldn't last as long, I'd go with setting 3. But if setting the 3 would be harmful I wouldn't want to do it. Does anyone have enough experience with the device to know if setting 3 would be more harmful or more helpful than setting 3 in my tank. For now I have it at the reccomened setting 2, but I'd like to get the best effect and dont care about longevity as I only need it for 4-6 months. Thanks.

So basically, would setting 3 be more harmful than beneficial? And if not, would it be more beneficial than setting 2. Thanks again.

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