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Are these plants good for "low tech"?

I am going to buy some new test kits and the site has some nice plants that aren't in my LFS. I am thinking about buying some of them, I did my research and I think they can survive in my tank conditions. I just want to be on the safe side. Excuse any mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.

I have two planted tanks - one with a better LED light (specifically plant light it says), one with a worse LED light (came with the tank). Chimeros and diversa. I think my lights are strong enough to grow the type of plants I usually buy. I use some fertilizers, liquid carbon (not the excel brand, but basically the thing that kills off algae) and I am going to use root tabs once the new plants arrive. I don't add CO2. I have ph around 7, around 10-15 kh, around 28 gh.

I have a bit of a trouble growing almost any plant. Basically the only ones thriving are nana anubiases (the bigger ones not so much), cryptocoryne wendtii, pistia stratiotes, salvinia minima pothos, moss balls and maybe limnophilla sessiliflora (but only 1 stem, once I cut it all but 1 die and the 1 thrives again, I don't know what to think about it). And then I have a surviving java fern, jungle val, hydrocotyle leucephala. I recently purchased red lotus and red tiger echinodorus, which are melting at the moment so I don't know if they will survive in my tank. I have "killed off" quite plenty of "easy and beginner" plants so I am trying my luck on some that aren't marked as that but that are still very easy. One problem that I run into is water temperature, it reaches as high as 32 degrees celsius in the summer and as low as 24 degrees celsius for the rest of the year (usually 25 is the standart temperature). Most plants can't survive temperatures that high it seems.

The plants that I am thinking about buying are - sagitaria subulata, staurogyne repens, lobelia cardinalis mini, rotala rotundifolia and maybe marsilea hirsuta (it's out of stock now though). What do you think?
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