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emergency temporary home for inverts

We had a Fluval Flex 32.5 set up, fishless cycle. once several days of testing in a row eventually indicated that it was cycled, we sourced our fish and inverts for it, placed the order/picked up from lfs as available and began adding the fish and snails to the tank. the plants seem fine, there's not a lot of melt, lots of new growth- but we tested the water before adding any of the new fish/snails to the tank more out of curiosity as to how different it was to the lfs water and were shocked to see a big nitrite spike- nitrates and ammonia still negligible. we did some triage water changes but had to proceed with adding the fish/snails, since keeping them in the bags wasn't going to be sustainable. I think we've got it manageable, cross fingers- but we have a whole slew of shrimp (amano, neocaridina, bamboo) and crabs (thai micro and freshwater pompom) coming in tomorrow morning. The only tank I trust right now as actually being cycled is tiny; it's a Spec 3 that already has two nerites, a mystery snail, some anubias and elodea and a marimo. We also have a 8.75 that's newly set up and for certainsure hasn't cycled yet, and has glossostigma seeds covering the front third of the substrate (and scattered kind of everywhere else, those things are kind of a nightmare).

can that spec 3 handle 15 shrimp and those crabs for a few days while we figure out what the heck's going on with our big tank? is it worth the risk of trying to add some of them to the 8.75g? any other suggestions on what we could do to mitigate any losses from the time it'll take to fix the the unstable nitrite in the big tank?
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