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In years of importing it always happens and repeats itself. Plant die off rapidly, plants take long to adapt, sometimes recover, some dont', and then boom in growth after a certain time. I believe all plants are weeds given their condition, otherwise they'd go extinct. I'm curious as to the water being different that we aren't measuring. Say you take hard water and filter it through a ro system and you take soft water and filter it through the same system would those two waters be exactly alike? One of the main sources of success is water chemistry ranging all in all throughout the hobby from Sulawesi shrimp to eriocaulon. Hell I believe if you replicate their natural environment we wouldn't need co2(so many ways of getting it, atmosphere, pressurized, diy, fauna breathing, decaying, substances, <<death>>) or dosing and such. Impossible to exactly replicate cause its just a box. My box of heaven. Any slow grower, we all find out they're weeds, but it takes that initial adjustment. Importing sucks because, $, losses, takes forever to get the plant going, and hey, natural environments could get swamped. Like buces.

Bahia, sensitive plant, does not like touching at all. I had one touching with eriocaulon sectaceum Kimberly and both melted however the bahia came back. They fought each other to the death. Treat as erio?

Eriocaulon sectaceum Kimberly, took me a year to finally get one stem to split, now it splits rather fast, I just don't get it, why did it take so damn long, I kept having to trim the bottom off. Sectaceums don't split by trimming the bottoms. They split by the crowns. I grew 5 plants, but then melted a couple

MG-Matto Grasso, I killed very first import, it melted a day, currently bought 3x, put x2 in Malaya and x1 in Amazonia, in Malaya melted overnight, in Amazonia melted in a week

UH-Utricularia heterosepala, I started a very small patch and a year later was a very small patch. I got it going, then it died on out, lucky me, I gave to two backups
no pic

uaupes, I already have the plant, but I'm always after new, who knows it may end up different, but this one ended up the same, I already have, I've been screwed on imports as well claiming id, importing sucks
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