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Originally Posted by Desert Pupfish View Post
Originally Posted by StrungOut View Post

Things weren't perfect but it was a good clean run

The Meltdown

Well my puffers were leaching something and they were my main suspect. Got it right, I removed them and donated them back to the lfs. It had to be ammonia of some sort. That is my conclusion
When you get melt like this its real hard to bounce back. Usually the plant keeps on melting. So after I removed the puffers, the melting stopped.
Very odd that the puffers could have been the cause. Did you have a big snail population they make a big dent in? Wonder if eliminating snails could have precipitated it--since one puffer can obliterate a tank in days... Can an obligate carnivore an inch long create enough ammonia from eating that much escargot that it would affect your plants in a tank that densely planted? But if the plants improved after removing the puffers, then that could be the/a cause. How many puffers did you have?
No snails at all in my tank before or after. The puffers didn't seem happy when co2 came on. They wouldn't gasp but they would hide throughout the photoperiod. Letting to me to believe that they were stressing a lot and such releasing ammonia. I had 5 puffers. Before I had platys in there no issues. The platys would help with algae contributing to healthy plant growth. But riding the fish has allowed me raise co2. I dont see a difference though from where I had it before and boost in plant growth
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