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Question Help Balancing Planted Tank

Happy Monday everyone.

I have a 55 gallon heavily planted tank that I'm having trouble finding balance in. It is moderately stocked (several nerite snails and two CAE) and I feed daily. Weekly water changes. Nitrate levels seem to be consistently very close to 0 (tested and confirmed with multiple methods), even with daily dosing Flourish comprehensive or Nitrogen. I did a 5 day blackout in the last week of December and it killed just about all the green hair algae, but now it seems to be returning. PH, KH, GH all test good. PO4 is consistently 0.
Tank Details:

  • Light: Fluval Planted 3.0
  • Filter: FX4 at 100% flow with FX6 outflow to reduce velocity and retain mass-flow
  • Substrate: Fluval Stratum
  • Daily Seachem Excel dose of 17ml (yes this is a lot, no my fish aren't stressed)
  • Root tabs placed generously
  • Weekly Flourish comprehensive recommended dose
  • Weekly Seachem Iron recommended dose
  • Weekly Flourish trace recommended dose
  • Weekly 30% water change

My numbers tell me that I need to up my fert dosing but I feel like I'm already adding such a large amount. Mainly I'm looking for a sanity check to make sure I'm on track. I added a dosing schedule below that I put together.

Sunday: Nitrogen

Monday: Comprehensive
Tuesday: Trace
Wednesday: Comprehensive
Thursday: Iron and Trace
Friday: Comprehensive
Saturday: 50% Water change after lights off with Comprehensive, Iron, and Trace following


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