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Unfortunately there won't be an attempt at tube feeding. I found him getting blown around in the filter current and lying on the bottom this morning appearing to be suffering. So I euthanized him. I had been doing 50% water changes every two days treating with prime and adding pimafix and melafix too the last few days. All water parameters were testing good. Ph 7.2 ammonia and nitrite 0 and nitrate maybe 5-10ppm before changes. The three otocinclus all still appear perfectly healthy but I will keep them quarantined for a week or two just in case. Had been keeping temp 81-82 but will back it off to 78-79 now. I didn't want to crank it way up as I'd read 82 was the upper comfort zone for the cats.

We had gotten two angels at the same time as part of the initial stocking of our fishless cycled bowfront aquarium. We added four swords(3female and 1male) two Kuhli loaches, 7 red eye tetras and the two angels as the initial stocking. All other fish are thriving. And all testing showed no levels of ammonia or nitrite. This angel just looked poor from the beginning. Kind of kicking myself as I had been adamant about picking the koi angel(the survivor in the main tank) but hadn't looked as closely at the silver the one we lost. When I got them home and released them I could see he looked pretty beat up, pelvic fins nipped back to the thicker parts and some roughed up scales but not badly. He then proceeded to slough what looked like his entire slime coat and wasn't eating. So I moved him to the quarantine tank which is where two of the swords and the kuhli loaches had lived for the last seven months so it was well cycled and has consistently tested cycled. I knew two angels may be pushing it in the 45g but we wanted to try. I think we'll just stick with the one now though. Besides adding the oto cats we have no other plans for additional fish at this point. Just more plants!

I'd hoped he'd pull through but having no access to internal parasite medicine I think kind of made it a tough go. Still think that was the issue but I wasn't in to doing a autopsy.

I do appreciate the input and help though. I had hoped for awhile I could get him through it.

45g fluval bowfront tank, plant 2.0 light, 2 x 206 canister filters, 5lb co2 art pro se
10g quarantine tank

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