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Angelfish advice.

I have a sick juvenile angelfish who I've had quarantined for a week now.

I have been uncertain what was wrong with it as I had just got it. It started to become more and more skittish/aloof. Always hiding. And it's appetite has steadily decreased until it's not visibly eating much of anything if at all. And then today I saw a white stringy poop and have noticed it's respiration is quick seeming. He has no outward signs of issues, no ich, marks, or blemishes of any kind besides his pelvic feelers were somewhat chewed back by his tankmates at the store. But they have been steadily growing back during the last week. So I suspect internal parasites.

Which leads to the issue. I'm in Canada and all meds for internal parasites for fish are no longer for sale. I could find nothing local today. Checked all lfs, drugstore(where I get dog, cat, and horse wormer) and local vets. No go.

My quarantine tank is a well established 10g and always tests O for both ammonia and nitrites, nitrates I don't let get out of hand ever I've done two 40% water changes this week. Ph7.5. I also have three oto cats in the tank too who all appear healthy, good color, and active.

So the only thing I've been able to figure out to do is feeding with garlic and Epsom salt(3% solution) infused food. I mixed the stuff up and soaked some bloodworms and flake food in it. Today was the first time and I think he(or she, who knows, I just call him a he) ate a couple of pieces, maybe. My plan is to attempt this for three days and if there is no improvement or eating I'm considering trying to administer the Epsom salt 3% solution orally with a small pipet with a flexible end. I've read the Epsom salt solution is my best bet for a natural attempt at internal parasite removal.

Interested in any advice, especially on the pipet plan. Sound plan or stupid idea?. Really pulling for the little guy. I just hate to lose him. I have ordered some API general cure from south of the line, but it will be atleast a week out if it makes it at all.

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