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Sorry for the lack of updates but yesterday I flooded the tank after 48 days of letting the plants grow in a dry start fashion. Overall I think everything went well, but I did have some die back of my monte carlo right before I flooded because I went out of town for 7 days and it was not misted a single time during the time span. The other problem was fungus on my spider wood. I decided to just leave it alone but at times it spread and killed some of the plants that were next to the wood and now my wood is stained black or white depending on the area. Hopefully the fungus will resolve now that it's under water.

Now I guess the next big question I have is how are my plants going to convert. I am not running CO2 so so I'm a little concerned that everything will melt and that I will end up with giant algae mess, but I will be ready for that scenario if it arises lol.

As for livestock and I think I will go with 10 to 15 green neons as I originally said and I will pair them with a single male apsito or a betta. I think I will add some ghost shrimp and some snails as early as this weekend. I had been cycling my filter in a bucket for the past 10 days and it already has mature media so it may not take long for cycling.

As for pictures I will post them soon. It's not letting me attach them from Google photos like it did before for some reason so I'll have to figure out another way.
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