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Since I have a 5 gallon tank, I am going try it with that first. I decided to go with Seachem Flourite. I bought a small bottle
of Flourish Advanced. Should I just stick with the Flourish or get the Flourish Excel as main fertilizer.

Looks like I can get a small pad of dwarf baby tears. Should this be added at start up or wait till tank cycles. For low tech, easy
going plants like Anubius, Java fern, can these be added initially before tank cycles?

I bought the 12” Beamworks EA Led light. Only version that came in 12”. I have an LED dimmer so lowering brightness is not an issue.

So for planted tanks, using activated charcoal for filtration is a no no? I have few small packets of purigen/charcoal.
Just use mechanical and bio filtration?
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