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Steve Hampton
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Sam, feel free to delete this post and add/or change to top post to reflect these additions and changes.

Correction, Mg - Magnesium is a MACRO-nutrient

The Macronutrients are:

Ca - Calcium, C - Carbon, H - Hydrogen, Mg - Magnesium, N - Nitrogen, O - Oxygen, P - Phosphorus, K - Potassium, S - Sulfur

The Micronutrients are:

B - Boron, Cl - Chloride, Cu - Copper, Fe - Iron, Mn - Manganese, Mo - Molybdenum, Ni - Nickel, Zn - Zinc

Other commonly used abbreveations:

CO2, O2, H2O, NH4+ (ammonium) pH, (power of Hydrogen-the H is capital because it represents Hydrogen) KH, GH, TDS, DOC, DIC
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