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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Your substrate will keep your pH stabilized. Read up a bit here on the forum about buffering substrates. ADA Aquasoil Amazonia, Controsoil, Fluval Stratum - a few additional brands to make searching easier.

Buffering substrate like yours is what Caridina shrimp keepers use for healthy shrimp.

A note about mixing tap water with RO/DI water: Not a good idea to do that with shrimp unless you can identify via testing the mineral makeup of your tap water.

I'm starting to think that maybe my sudden drop in PH is because I didn't correectly dose the right mineraliser on my last big water change.

Wish I wrote all this down, my RO water PH is 5.2, the remineralised water with salty GH/KH is around 7.3.
I did a small 10lts water change around 3 days ago, wanted to make some test water to see the PH, and I put it into the tank.
I did a PH test yesterday on my tank water and it's now around 6.3, which is making me think I didn't dose correctly on that last big water change.

If I can get my PH up to 6.5, which it was, I'll be happy, because I was looking into replacing the substrate!

Geting back to Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ versues my substrate.
I understand that the shubstrate is "eating" my KH, so I've been recommended to switch to Salty Shrimp GH+, but from my limited understanding, GH won't increase the PH of my RO water.

Is there a way to increase the PH of my RO water without using KH?
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