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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Definitely off to a nice start. Only thing I'd do is add a dark/black background.

One thing that you can do to make the grass spread a bit better is break it up into smaller portions. Then plant it in an alternating grid pattern.

For filter: Consider Aquaclear 20. The AC20 has adjustable flow and you can easily stick a pre-filter sponge over the intake to prevent small fish or shrimp from getting sucked up. Has lots of space for filter media and is even large enough to run a package of Purigen or other media if it's ever needed. They don't cost much more than cheap-o small filters you can get on Amazon.

A heater may not be necessary depending upon what you keep. If you want fish, then I'm guessing it could be necessary. But if you're going only for shrimp (less maintenance, only feeding a couple times per week, can kinda be neglected)? Then they'll be fine in really cool temperatures.

Will you be attaching anything to the wood?
Yes a background is something I will be adding soon. I was thinking a frosted one, but black is nice too.

I did decide to go with an AC20. As for stocking I was planning on stocking pretty heavily with a shoal of green neon tetras if I can find them and then a single male apisto or beta... I'm still thinking about it. I have done shrimp in the past and I agree they would be much easier, however my fiance and I really want some fish/ personality this time.

And as far as the driftwood goes I will be adding some buce that I already have to the base on the wood along with whatever mini java ferns I can get my hands on haha. I do like the look of needle leaf java fern as well as well. I think I will leave most of the wood exposed overall though. I will also be adding some crypt wendtii and some stems around and behind the wood. The main question for me is whether or not the carpeting plants will survive. I have had mixed experiences in the past so we will see.
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