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10 gallon low tech residency stress relief

Hello everybody I decided to get back into the hobby and restart a 10 gallon low tech project that I had given up on a few years ago. As the title says I am resident physician and at the moment and life is stressful, but I figured a calm and beautiful tank at home might be able to help a little! At the moment I have the tank, substrate, lighting, and some hardscape... the rest is a blank canvas, which admittedly I still need some help making some decisions . I think the goal with this project will to be to try to make a centerpiece style scape with some kind of carpet around it. I would like to try to do a dry start to give the carpet the best chance to succeed in questionable light and no CO2.


tank: typical cheapo 10 gallon rimmed tank

substrate: 1/2" of organic potting soil capped with variable amounts of inert black sand

lighting: Finnex fugeray plant+ i believe, I bought the thing about 6 years ago. I'm not sure if it's still putting out enough PAR anymore, but it has worked well in the past.

filter: in the past I have gotten away without one but will probably get a hang on the back. up for any recommendations here.

heater: none at the moment, will need one for winter. any recs appreciated.

local water parameters: pH 8.2, TDS 380s :/

Once I figure out how to post pictures again I will post where I am so far.

Any suggestions on what carpet plant would do best dry started and then low tech? I am tentatively planning for m. monte carlo at this point, but I have always loved the look of DHG so maybe I'll try a little of both. Any thoughts on using e. tennulus as a mid ground plant?
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