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Hi, Tom! I find adding all the plants upon setting up the tank to be pretty darn ideal, and would do it more often if I could find what I want at that given moment.

Originally Posted by sittinglynx View Post

Here's my list:

Italian Val for background

an Amazon Sword as the centerpiece

Dwarf Lilies in the front corners

Bacopa Carolina, Bacopa monnieri, and Lugwigia Repens in the front and middle.

My question is, should I add these slowly as to not "shock" my ecosystem (just like everything else in the hobby) or because we are dealing with roots, should I go in all at once?
Thank for any advise,
I'm a fan of each plant you've named, but Bacopa and Ludwigia can grow pretty darn tall for front pieces, I've had each of your named 3 and they get at least near a foot tall. I'm using lots of microswords these days in my low tech tanks for stuff to put in front. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll send you a healthy patch for free. I'm currently trying to grow lots of it to move to my new shrimp tanks, and it grows like duckweed with a little CO2, so I'm sure I'll have more than I need. Otherwise something low to the ground like crypts might be a better choice. Just a thought, but you may not want tall plants along the front glass.


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