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It looks like you have already ordered. I will still drop my two cents in...

Two comments on plants. I think Valís have a tendency to have some issues unique to them. For example, seachem excel seems to be hard on them and has been known to cause some pretty heavy melting when used. The other thing is the sword. It is a VERY hardy plant. It will be EXEEDINGLY easy to grow. (Notice caps). I loved my Sword because it was an incredible centerpiece .... until it took over the entire tank!!! They have strong root structures and will multiple like rabbits. The bigger / healthier the faster. Iím not saying donít do it. Just be away of the monster that will be lurking under the gravel surface. I would suggest water wisteria. It is a weed. But will give you the much needed plant mass to make sure the plants beat out the algae. By that I mean it wasnít until I took Dennis Wongís advice and pushed my plant mass to well over 60% coverage. It was crazy how quickly things began to stabilize. In other words going all in was def the right thing to do. Finally be sure to keep everything clear above the replens. They need light like everything else and can easily be too dark in the shadows of some of the taller plants.

Liquid ferts are an easy no fuss way to start but start familiarizing yourself with feet schedules like PPS Pro and EI. LOTS to read on the site. :-). There are a couple of mail order places like nilogc for example that sell the powder to make your own ferts. $30 for a yrs supply. Liquid can get pricey. I would also suggest taking a gander at Dennis has done some great work compiling a lot of this info in a simple to understand format. It doesnít replace our forum here but helps you to make sense of a lot of things and gives you some really great must dos

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of plants!!!!!

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