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Sounds like a plan to me - the tabs will come with instructions on location/frequency but yes that's the usual guide. You want to bury them as far down into your gravel as they'll go.

You should be able to assess the growth to decide if/when you need to 'upgrade' to the easy green - pale leaves, holes and growth that just doesn't look fresh and healthy is a good guide. As your plant mass increases the amount of nutrients they use up increases too so you may find that easy green becomes your standard.

I think a lot of people (me included) find it very weird to be adding nitrate etc. to a tank! But ferts only add a few ppm and it hasn't come from decaying waste so it's not a big issue. I now dose an all in one as it's easier to just know everything is in it and I don't have a high fish load. Nothing wrong with working your way up to it though and seeing what your tank needs.

You can split doses into daily or weekly based on convenience. I think pump bottles are nice as they make it very easy to do quick, so then whatever works for the amount you need e.g. a dose every other day or three after each water change etc. depends on your routine/tank size.

Good luck!
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