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Originally Posted by Chasmodes View Post
Thank you minorhero! I live between Hyattstown, Clarksburg and Boyds. Your tank plan sounds really cool!

For catching darters and minnows, I'd love to use hand held dip nets, but, unfortunately, you aren't allowed to use them for the species that I'm after, including darters. Maryland has some funny laws regarding that, but it's to protect species that are endangered and/or gamefish, so, I understand. The best way to catch them legally is to use a seine and kick them into the net. Two people working it makes it much easier, but, here's a video showing how to collect fish using a small seine with one person:

Here is the law for using seines in nontidal waters:
(5) Seines in nontidal waters:

(a) Shall have mesh no greater than 1/4 inch;

(b) May not exceed 6 feet in width and 4 feet in height;

(c) Shall only be used to catch minnows and other bait fish;

(d) May not be used within 50 yards of the base of any dam or the mouth of any river or tributary; and

(e) Shall only be emptied from shore.

Let me know if you are interested in getting a seine like this and I can find the manufacturer that I got mine from. I can't remember off the top of my head.

As far as locations to catch any species in Maryland, this is a great site:
That is a great site! Like all government websites its horrible to navigate but the information in it seems really well put together. I have been jealous of other state's having better information on their local fish species but this is actually pretty good!

I am definitely interested in getting a seine. I was under the impression dip nets were legal but I see from looking into the comar a bit more thoroughly that I was just confusing other sections of the code.

I have had success using minnow traps for well minnows. This is allowed so long as you keep it within 100 feet of you when on public land. The trick I found was to bait them with chunks of hot dog. When I used bread the darn bread floated which allowed the fish to eat it from outside the trap. Hot dog sinks so they have to poke around till they find the hole.
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