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I kept up the process as the work completed from right to left, and bottom to top. Every now and then, I'd fit all three structures into the tank to make sure that they were a good, tight fit:

Comparing my work to my inspiration picture, not perfect, but, similar:

Then, it occurred to me that all this would float, and if not a solid structure throughout, could break up. So, I stuffed the gaps with river rock that I bought at a local chain hardware, and used spray foam to secure them in place. This also helped to secure the carved rock layers to the foam frame that would be later glued to the tank:

Spray foam is messy, so it's wise to use latex or rubber gloves when working with it. After a while, it expands, so I carved the excess away as much as possible. I also punched holes in it to allow the insides to cure properly:

The right and middle sections are shown here carved to make a nice fit and look:

Here, the right and middle sections are mostly done and carved, loosely fitted into the tank:

Here are all three sections fitted into the tank. The third section wasn't complete yet, as I had to build my filter intake:

Bump: At this point, I was curious about gluing it all to the glass. What product would work best to keep this monster wall from tearing away and floating to the top? My concerns with silicone were that, when I tried using it to glue foam boards together, it easily separated. So, I wondered about using Gorilla Glue against the glass vs. silicone. Here, I tested foam boards with silicone vs. Gorilla Glue glued to the glass. Gorilla Glue separated, and the silicone held firmly in place. I had my answer:

I thought this was cool, as I experimented with using a wire brush on the foam. I scraped and hammered the brush to the foam, and produced this test piece. I later incorporated these techniques into the final structure:

Here are a few pictures showing the stand pipe and intake designed to hide my canister filter intake tube. I wanted it accessible and easy to clean. I drilled holes into the large PVC cap, that is not glued in place and is removable. You can also see my initial spray bar design. I will be using a different design, to be constructed soon and shown to you later:

The last carving part of the project was to hide the stand pipe. I painted the piping black, and started building the foam structure around it:
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