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Originally Posted by Blue Ridge Reef View Post
Is it too much to ask that we be polite when someone new joins the forums with questions? And he's obviously doing something right from the looks of his flora. On to OP's questions.

I have a pretty simple routine, but most of my tanks are low tech. I add micros weekly, and N/P/K as needed (typically also weekly but I test these values when unsure). I use dry ferts, so can't give you an exact dosage of those you are using.

Not familiar with each brand but looks like iron and nitrogen, flourish is trace elements (micros/trace). As long as P&K are in the first two you should be fine, but they are measurable. Is pH reducer needed?

Probably no need to wait a full day in between, but that regimen sounds fine. You typically don't just add after water changes though unless that is something you are doing weekly.

No, in fact they should mix into the water column more quickly if it's running. Your tank looks great, by the way! Welcome to the forums!
JBL lists ferropol as....
Provides the plants with iron, potassium, sulphur and the trace
elements of manganese, molybdenum, zinc, boron, cobalt and
copper in a form easily absorbed by plants.
So no NP, looks like ferropol should used in conjunction with their NPK for a balanced fert regiment.

And hes dosing fluorish excel (carbon) not trace it sounds like. No idea why if hes running CO2 though unless its for algae control.
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