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New to EI dosing and have dumb questions!

As the title says I am brand new to the EI concept; I have always used the various Seachem products to fertilize and done so in a very random, let’s-try-this-combo-this-week sort of way. The fact that my plants in my 29g have done fairly well (with the exception of a few red plants that have turned beige) is purely a miracle. The tank has pressurized Co2 and Evil-Complete as the substrate...oh, sorry, I meant to say Eco-Complete, ha ha. I really hate that stuff.
Anyway, I recently ordered the beginner EI ferts package from GLA. The instructions are fairly straightforward and I understand the basic concepts.
So here is dumb question number 1:
How on earth do I measure out 1/16th of a tsp.? No tiny measuring spoon is included with the package. Math was never my strong suit!
Dumb question number 2:
Since I have been using the no-rhyme-or-reason method until now, should I start the EI method immediately or do a big water change and let the plants “rest” for a while before starting with EI?
Dumb question number 3:
I am also setting up a 75g tank and this time will be using BDBS instead of Evil-Complete. This tank will also have Co2, but unlike the 29g will have good lighting: (2) AI Prime Freshwater lights. Here’s the dumb question: How long after planting/cycling should I wait to begin the EI regimen? I am planning on having lots of Glosso, some S. Repens, Corkscrew Val, Rotala Wallichii, and Rotala Super-Red.
Thanks for reading and any answers are greatly appreciated!
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