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What to do about mystery fish in invert only tank?

A month or so ago I noticed what at first looked like a baby mosquito but upon further investigation it didn't move like one, it moved like a baby fish. So I decided to just let him be. Later I noticed up to 5, however 3 quickly disappeared. I've concluded eggs came in on a moss ledge I had got recently. I feed this tank plenty of BacterAE for biofilm for snails so I am assuming they were eating that along with w/e else was in the tank. Well one is still alive, looking bigger, and I can finally see some detail on him to identify him. Based on what my hobby shop had in stock in those tanks and now he's showing a little yellow I think he might be a Furcata Rainbow but I still think Pacific Blue Eye Signifer Rainbowfish looks most like this fry, at least right now. From day one all I could see was bright blue eyes on the fish, which matched more fish than I imagined. It's incredibly difficult to photograph due to how small and fast it is.

Assuming he keeps growing, my issue is from what I have read they are a schooling fish, and he is still less than 1cm. Should I wait until he gets bigger and add him to a school? Is there other things I can do to make him grow better? I am used to keeping betta's & shrimp but not fish fry or schooling fish. Most of my tanks are 2-7 gals, how big of a tank is needed for this guy and his potential tank mates? Not sure what to do. I have some attachment to the little guy since I raised him this far.

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