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Thanks for all the advice!

Degassing clarification: I notice that when I run my tap water at cold, the pH changes. I attribute this to us getting it from a mountain reservoir, which screws with the oxygen levels. The pH changes drastically from what I remember being 8.0 to 7.4, so I assume this is too much oxygen in the water. I dose Prime at recommended standards to remove chlorine/chloramines.

pH clarification: I actually went to the local Petsmart to get my water tested (so it was a pH strip...) and not a solution test....

Should I use Equilibrium to bump up my GH/KH? The last time I did calculations for this was back in high school, so I'm kind of fuzzy on the math behind this.

For measuring pH/GH(hardness)/KH(alkalinity), is there a specific brand that you would recommend? I understand the importance of testing, but also I'm a college student who's going into academia, so if it's cheap and it works, then it's cheap and it works.

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