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Originally Posted by ichthyogeek View Post
I just got my tap water tested:

pH: somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6, so let's go with 7.4

Hardness (GH): 75 ppm

Alkalinity (KH): ~20 ppm

Sue, thanks for the recc's! I don't think I can do pygmy corys because of the pH, and the same goes for sparkling gouramis and gudgeons. I might look more into the pencilfish, but my hopes for any fish from South America is really low, mostly because of the low pH there.
A Ph of 7.4 is fine to keep many soft water species: certainly most South American tetras and corydoras species.
For the more sensitive species, however, like discus, geophagus, Uaru, and many of the South American black-water species KH/GH are a far more important number to consider.

So, Im wondering...

If 1 dKH is about equivalent to 17.9 ppm- isnt your KH and GH very low? I usually think in terms of General Hardness(GH) and Carbonate Hardness (KH)- not ppm.


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