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I haven't made a whole lot of progress figuring out fish stocking, but I think I'm going to go with blue velvet neos and crystal red shrimp.

Originally Posted by KZB View Post
Fish are like people, you have good ones and bad ones. You will have mix comments on which fish you could keep with shrimp. Only 1 every will agree on would be Otos. Best to let your colony of shrimp to grow first (4-6++ months) before adding any fish. The more shrimp the more comfortable they will be. And comfortable is just as important as stable parameters when keeping shrimp. In my experience the fish that actively hunted were my rams,mountain minnows (I think that's what they are called) guppies, even tiny endlers, and the end of my shrimp colony is when my son wanted a clown loach of course anything for my kids so I knew the shrimp apocalypse was coming. I ended up saving a few and put them in a 2.5 gal which they thrived in. I had school of 5 5"glass cats that didnt bother them.
Thanks, I'll plan to do just shrimp until I have a decent colony going. When you had rams with shrimp, did the shrimp hide all the time to avoid the rams?
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