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Help stocking 40 breeder (with fish AND shrimp)

I've been spending (too many) hours researching and trying to decide how I want to stock my upcoming 40 breeder build. The tank will be heavily planted, and I'd like to keep shrimp. Probably neos, and possibly CRS as well. I want to build up to a large shrimp population, and I don't want the adults to be hiding all the time.

I know the rule: fish eat whatever will fit in their mouth. However, some types of fish will actively hunt down and eat shrimp, whereas others are more opportunistic (and some just can't fit an adult shrimp in their mouth).

Here's what I'm thinking:
  • 15 rummy-nose tetra (or some other medium-small fish; possibly guppies): It seems like they mostly eat baby shrimp by opportunity.
  • 5 Otocinclus: 100% shrimp safe.
  • 1 Siamese algae eater: I've heard mixed reports here, but I wonder if the bad experiences were with Siamese flying foxes, not SAEs.
  • 1-2 "centerpiece" fish. I'm actively considering:
    • A dwarf gourami: These are typically safe, but some have been known to go after adult shrimp. All will pick at babies.
    • A pair of German Blue Rams: These seem to be a mixed bag: some ignore shrimp, some devour them.
    • A pair of shell-dwellers: It's hard to find info here, but they don't seem particularly safe. My only hope is that they won't venture too far from their shell to find shrimp to eat.
    • A pair of scarlet badis: They hunt down babies, but don't bother adults.
    • One or two smaller rainbows, possibly threadfin or praecox: It looks like the smaller species don't pose much of a threat.
  • ~10 pygmy cories, or perhaps 3-5 panda cories: both relatively shrimp safe.
  • A bunch of shrimp, of course.

If I have to, I'll add the shrimp and wait several months for their population to build (and the plants to thicken) before I add any fish other than the otos.

What are your thoughts on my stocking plan? I'm both interested in your thoughts on the amount of fish and on the fish/shrimp compatibility (and really any other advice you have).

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