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I know... I know- you'll wish I would just join the consensus and extol the virtues of BBS. I understand.

I respect the experience of those that recommend this product as safe (I learn much from these same individuals everyday). Just because I disagree with the assessment doesn't mean I dont respect all that state that BDBS is safe on all counts. But, I have dealt with this issue on the other side many times. Illness threads- corydoras and soft-bellied catfish with Red Blotch disease, aeronomas infections, unexplained "holes" that are often blamed on parasitic worms.

This substrate for 75% of aquarists is entirely safe -if dont have bottom-dwelling fish. Some never experience a problem- but, many do.

180 g. low tech w/ wild South American cichlids, corydoras eques, and African Congo riverine tetras.
60 g. low tech w/ F1 Alenquer pair /Stendker "Tefe" discus and wild Altum Angels
30 g. low tech w/ Wild Tucano tetras
30 g. low-tech African Biotope
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