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My echinodorus horemanii red did not enjoy being in this tank, so I removed it from its section and spread out the cryptocoryne pontederiifolia, which is very happy:

There was one of the echinodorus that wasn't totally dead yet, so I moved it to the front in similar lighting conditions, to keep an eye on it. The leaves have all disappeared since but the roots are still in there presumably so we'll see what happens there. I also spread out my java fern a bit, which gives a more full look I think. The java fern leaves are making a whole ton of tiny ferns right now.

Most of the short side view plants are doing splendidly, except for the things I have attached to small rocks up there which have done absolutely nothing since I set up the tank. They aren't dying, though, so I haven't been able to bring myself to get rid of them. At the top of this shot, you can also see a bit of my hydrocotyle, which has been slowly shrinking. I think the flow has been too much for it.

I also moved a few things around on the right side of the tank. I placed the bolbitis heteroclita closer to the light to see if it likes that better. It has been doing not a whole lot of anything so far. I also moved my buce catherinae a bit to fill in the hole left by relocating the bolbitis.

Closeup of the catherinae which is pretty happy:

I added some endlers since my last update. They're very hard to get a decent photo of.

It's also super hard to get a good picture of my blue-eye rainbows. They're so pretty, and so hard to capture. These are the best I could get this time.

And one of a peacock gudgeon. I am beginning to think I might have all females. They all have at least some black on their dorsal/anal fins.

When I was trying to take pictures of the fish, the shrimp kept getting in the way and basically posing, so here's a couple of them too:

For some reason, my nerites seem to have decided early on that the best place for their white eggs is the darkest thing in the whole tank. Because of course it is.
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